Fireproof coating for indoor thin steel structure (water-based)
Fireproof coating for indoor thin steel structure (water-based)

Product introduction

Interior thin steel structure fire retardant coating, is a water - based expansion of special coatings. It has the advantages of non-toxic, no pollution, simple construction and excellent fire prevention performance. It is mainly used on the surface of steel structure. When it is exposed to fire, the coating will expand and foam, forming a dense carbon foam layer, which can isolate air, delay the heating rate of steel structure, and improve the fire resistance time of steel structure. In order to win valuable time for fire rescue. (osmin is a subsidiary of obechi)


Range of application

Widely used in (indoor) stations, industrial plants, stadiums, power equipment, high-rise buildings and other columns, steel beams and other steel structure surface.

Product features

Non - toxic, non - polluting, simple construction, fire - resistant performance.

Construction procedures

Steel structure surface treatment - paint brush rust primer - paint brush fireproof paint - paint finish

1. Before painting, the surface of the steel structure should be processed and polished to completely remove oil stains, rust and other sundries on the surface of the steel members.

2. Apply anti-rust primer, choose alkyd, epoxy (water based, solvent based). (our company can provide supporting products)

3 coating brush fireproof coating, coating open cover before use, should be fully stirred evenly, such as paint too thick can be appropriate amount of water dilution, add water recommendations not more than 15%, dilution to appropriate coating, not flowing can be. This product is given priority to with spraying, the spray nozzle diameter 4-6 mm funnel spray gun more times, construction for the first time is not too thick, general control within 1 mm, if necessary, can besmear again first interface agent, to increase film adhesion, after waiting for table dry coating on to the next construction again (will be subject to film not hands, usually between 6-12 h), and subsequent construction thickness control every time in 1-1.2 mm, until you reach the corresponding fire rating required standard thickness.

4 coating brush finish, in order to improve the physical and chemical properties of fire coatings, it is recommended to wait for paint film drying on the surface of fire coatings coated with a layer of special topcoat fire coatings.

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