BC-6005 Super weather resistant exterior wall paint
BC-6005 Super weather resistant exterior wall paint

Product introduction

Super weather resistant exterior wall paint according to the characteristics of the building and the climate environment, using a variety of special materials developed. Weather resistance and pollution resistance are its most typical characteristics, which have excellent decorative effect and long-lasting protection effect on buildings.

BC-6005 超级耐候外墙漆

Range of application

Suitable for all kinds of sign buildings, garden villas, star hotels, luxury clubs, senior housing and other building luxury decoration. Can be applied to concrete, plasterboard, brick wall, cement asbestos board and other walls.

Product features

◎ aging resistance, excellent uv resistance;

◎ excellent stain resistance;

◎ excellent resistance to wet washing and rubbing;

◎ excellent anti-mildew, anti-algae, anti-alkali;

◎ good light and color retention;

◎ excellent covering power;

◎ excellent leveling and construction;

◎ super adhesion, paint film firm and durable;

The film has good air permeability.

Construction procedures

Construction method: roller coating, brush coating, spraying;

Construction environment: above 8℃, relative humidity less than 85%;

Substrate treatment: the water content of the coated base shall not exceed 10%, and the base surface must be firm, smooth, clean, free from grease and loose substances, and neutral (PH value =7~9).

Clean: after all tools are used, clean them with water.



◎ after opening the can, please fully stir the paint in the tank. The construction gap should be covered tightly to prevent coating skinning. The diluted paint cannot be poured back into the original package.

◎ winter construction, recoating time should be appropriately extended; For the wall, winter maintenance time should be appropriately extended to prevent alkaline material precipitation, erosion of the wall;

◎ do not operate when the temperature is lower than 8℃ and the relative temperature is higher than 85%;

◎ please use our company's matching primer to ensure the quality of construction.

Storage conditions: sealed storage in a cool dry place at 0-35℃.

Validity period: 18 months

Execution standard: GB/T 9755-2001

Packing specification: 18L

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