Water quality exterior wall paint
Water quality exterior wall paint

Product introduction

All-weather super dust-proof exterior wall paint is an efficient multi-functional exterior wall coating, which is made of organic silicon and acrylic acid synthetic resin. 


Range of application

Exterior wall decoration and protection of various star-rated hotels, high-grade residences, financial buildings, office buildings, Banks, schools and other buildings.

Product features

◎ excellent dustproof performance;

◎ super anti-ultraviolet new formula;

◎ waterproof, anti-mildew, anti-algae, anti-acid and alkali, anti-powder;

◎ strong covering power, good pollution resistance and self-cleaning function;

Better scrub resistance.

Construction procedures

Construction method: rolling coating, spraying, brush coating;

Construction environment: temperature >-12 ℃ (non-frosted wall), air relative humidity < 80%, wall moisture content <10%, PH value <10.


◎ good paint must be used up within 5 hours, so as not to be wasted beyond the activation period;

◎ paint should be placed in a dry, ventilated place, anti - sun, away from the source of fire;

◎ use 120-200 mesh filter after opening can;

◎ storage and transportation temperature < 350C, temperature >80%.

Storage conditions: sealed storage in a cool dry place at 0-35℃.

Validity period: 18 months

Execution standard: GB/T 9755-2001

Packing specification: 18L

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