Water quality interior wall paint
Water quality interior wall paint

Product introduction

Water quality interior wall paint is a kind of economical water-based latex paint, paint film is exquisite soft white, super dry film covering power, scrub resistance, easy to clean, irradiation power and inhibit the growth of mold, spreading rate is high, the construction is simple, widely used in indoor metope, ceiling, and other hard board, soft board, asbestos board surface decoration.

Range of application

Technical parameters

Yan color white

Volume solid content 40±1%

Theoretical coating rate is about 9.5m2/kg (plane, once again, the actual coating rate of the product will vary due to different factors, such as coating method, construction tools, dilution ratio and the flatness of the coated surface, etc.)

Table dry time ≤2 hours (25℃, relative humidity ≤85%)

Recoating interval ≥2 hours (25℃, relative humidity ≤85%)

Dry film thickness 50 micron to 60 micron (plane, second time)

Product features

Product features

1. The paint film is smooth and delicate

2. Excellent hiding power

3. The construction is simple

4. Mildew resistance to alkali

5. Low VOC, healthy and environmental protection

Construction procedures

Construction guidance

Brush, roll and spray

Dilution ratio (weight ratio) dilution ratio: paint: water = 100:10-15

Dilution method dilute with water

Clean the tool immediately after the construction with clean water

Construction conditions during construction, the wall temperature shall not be lower than 5℃, moisture content ≤10%, air humidity ≤85%

20 kg packaging

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