High relief paint
High relief paint

Product introduction

Relief paint is not only a new decorative art paint, but also a perfect expression of decorative art. With embossment gush *** eject flower point, use light to model roller to press a point next flat, after drying, can go up metallic paint or emulsioni paint, the effect after covering light with transparent dustproof face paint is better.

Range of application

Relief paint is suitable for interior and exterior brick wall, cement mortar surface and all kinds of base surface decoration.

Product features

1, relief paint three-dimensional sense, rich patterns, can create a variety of aesthetic relief effect.

2. The paint film is hard, resistant to engraving and has good waterproof effect.

3. Good facade spraying performance and easy construction.

4. Weather resistance: the weather resistance can be endowed by the exterior wall paint, and different exterior wall paint matching can be selected according to the needs.

5, non-toxic environmental protection, strong resistance to pollution.

Construction procedures

Putty leveling 'seal primer' embossed midway 'roller flattening' metal finish

(4)Packing specification: 20kg/ drum

(5) coating rate: 1.5-3kg/m ^ 2

(6) product price: please consult the manufacturer

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