Sand - scraping texture paint
Sand - scraping texture paint

Product introduction

Sand scraping paint product is a new generation of environmental protection internal and external wall paint with natural stone material, through its artistic effect can make the wall body reflect three-dimensional sense and flow sense.

Range of application

Widely used in industrial and commercial buildings, public facilities, office buildings, factories, hospitals, apartments, sports stadiums, resorts, villas and other inside (outside) walls.

Product features

Excellent adhesion and perfect hiding power. Excellent outdoor weather resistance, long-lasting color preservation. Good flexibility, anti - impact and impact. Hate water breathable, moisture-proof sound-absorbing. Strong texture, rich expression.

Construction procedures

Process: putty leveling 'closed primer' white or colored texture paint 'water - based transparent dust - proof finish

(4)Packing specification: 25kg/ drum 75kg/ drum

(5) coating rate: 2.2-2.5/m ^ 2

(6) product price: please consult the manufacturer

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