Elastic brushed wall paint
Elastic brushed wall paint

Product introduction

Elastic brushed paint, concave and convex texture and texture, can repair cracks, decorative effect, three-dimensional strong, abstract effect, resistant to pollution, corrosion resistance. Color: gold, silver, pearl, common color (all color), can be determined according to the design requirements.

Range of application

TV setting, sofa setting, bed setting, porch setting, dining-room setting, and the metope adornment of place such as all sorts of commerce, recreation, dining-room, guesthouse.

Product features

Environmental protection; No fading, no peeling, no cracking, acid, alkali and scrub resistance; Can create a character, landscape, cartoon and other poetic and picturesque living space; The decoration effect is luxurious and elegant, the design is exquisite and beautiful, the color is rich and soft as brocade.

Construction procedures

Draw wool series construction craft: stretch stretch wool coating to wipe evenly to the wall with gray knife, then use draw wool roller to roll can pull different effect, according to the thickness of the material and the grain size of the used draw wool to roll barrel can make size different pattern. After drying can go up metallic paint or emulsioni paint, with transparent dustproof face paint cover the effect after the light is better.

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