Antistatic epoxy floor paint
Antistatic epoxy floor paint

Product introduction

Epoxy antistatic floor paint is a two-component product composed of high grade epoxy resin, high efficient conductive material, high pigment additive and epoxy special curing agent in a certain proportion. It is divided into ordinary coating antistatic floor paint and antistatic self-leveling floor paint.

Range of application

Epoxy anti-static floor paint is suitable for wall, floor and storage tank of communication, electronics, microelectronics, computer, precision instrument, textile, printing, powder, chemical, organic solvent, gas, etc.

Product features

1, can quickly leak static charge

2, good and durable antistatic, not affected by time, temperature, humidity, etc

3. Strong adhesion and excellent wear resistance

Construction procedures

The construction technology

1. Ground treatment: polish, repair, remove dirt and dust according to the ground conditions.

2. Epoxy anti-static floor primer: it adopts the roller coating with extremely strong permeability and adhesion anti-static primer to enhance the surface adhesion.

3, copper foil laying: conductive copper foil with a comprehensive laying.

4. Anti-static mortar: add the anti-static component to quartz sand and evenly coat it with a trowel for several channels.

5. Anti-static putty: add appropriate amount of anti-static putty powder with anti-static component, and evenly coat it with trowel.

Antistatic finish: roll antistatic finish or antistatic self-leveling finish.

7. Service time of epoxy anti-static floor paint: 250C shall prevail, and it can be loaded after 24 hours, and can be loaded after 72 hours.

5 matters needing attention

1. Avoid construction under low temperature and high humidity

2. After two-component materials are mixed, construction should be carried out in a short time

3. After finishing the painting, it shall be fully maintained before being put into use

4. The coating thickness shall be determined according to the flatness condition and application requirements of the substrate. The worse the flatness of the ground, the thicker the coating system should be used, the greater the coating load, the thicker the coating should be, such as the coating is too thin, easy to damage in the process of use. Such as the floor to do a good waterproof treatment.

6 floor maintenance

1. After the completion of the construction of the flat ground, it shall be maintained for 7-10 days before being put into use. During the maintenance period, water or other solutions shall be avoided from infiltrating the surface

2. All employees entering the workshop must change into rubber-soled shoes (do not wear black-soled shoes with foam soles) (so as not to scratch the floor by bringing the sediment outside into the workshop).

3, the general hardware: such as iron chair, iron table, iron shelf, etc., must use the foot with soft plastic, rubber package or paper leather pad up so as not to scratch the ground in the use process

4, tractor pull need to fully lift the machine plate from the ground, turn please pay special attention to the machine plate Angle do not scratch the ground

5. When cleaning the floor, please use a soft absorbent mop or a dry and wet vacuum cleaner. Clean the floor with water or detergent, but please pay attention to the slippery floor

6. If wear or scratch is caused by long use, local repair can be carried out in small area; if the area is large, it is recommended to roll coating again

7. Before the equipment enters the factory, cover the floor with cardboard boxes to avoid scratching the floor during the transportation of equipment

8. Hard or elastic rubber wheels should be used for the wheels of carts and carts, and the inside and outside of the factory should be used separately

9. Waxing can be done according to the requirements of the ground (its effect can prevent scratch on the ground)

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