BC-7801 Acrylic floor paint
BC-7801 Acrylic floor paint

Product introduction

Acrylic floor paint can be divided into thermosetting acrylic floor paint and thermoplastic acrylic floor paint. Thermosetting acrylic floor paint is a two-component, cross-linked curing agent. Thermoplastic acrylic floor coatings should be cross-linked only at a certain temperature.

Because thermoplastic acrylic acid drying rate is faster, light resistance, so the general market sales and daily use of thermoplastic acrylic acid floor paint for the mainstream.

Range of application

It is widely used in dust and pollution prevention, storage, parking lot and surface painting of the course.

Product features

1. Mainly for thermoplastic methacrylate resin with calcium carbonate, pigment powder, talcum powder, xylene, etc.

2. Quick drying, strong adhesion and easy construction. Use by a certain proportion of xylene or day that water mixing can be constructed.

3. Poor heat resistance and solvent resistance. When the heating temperature exceeds 177-232℃, degradation into monomer will occur from solubility to adhesion in the case of strong solvent after curing.

Construction procedures

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