BC-7803 Self leveling epoxy floor paint
BC-7803 Self leveling epoxy floor paint

Product introduction

Epoxy self-leveling floor paint materials are usually divided into organic and inorganic categories. Organic epoxy self leveling floor paint is epoxy self leveling floor paint, the main application is epoxy resin self leveling coating.

Complete epoxy floor paint when construction there are many places need to be aware of, the construction methods and materials of epoxy self-leveling floor paint and have no fixed standard, Europe and the United States, Japan, South Korea and other countries of used materials and construction are different, these three methods are used in mainland China, but due to gradually reduce the engineering price, multilayer system because of its low cost of materials in the market of the mainstream.

Range of application

Epoxy self-leveling floor paint is used where it is required to provide high cleanliness, aseptic, dust-free, stain resistant and excellent resistance to chemical corrosion, mechanical wear and easy cleaning. Typical applications of epoxy self-leveling floor coatings include electronics factories, food processing plants, GMP pharmaceutical plants, hospitals, laboratories, passageways, public buildings, tobacco factories, schools, supermarkets, public places and various factories.

Product features

Epoxy self-leveling floor paint is a kind of epoxy resin floor paint. Self-leveling is also one of the best floor, its characteristics: high cleanliness, pollution resistance, asepsis and other characteristics

Construction procedures

1) grass-roots drawing strength test: ensure that the ground does not peel after construction;

2) grinding, planing and milling, sandblasting: ensure the flatness and surface strength of the base;

3) filling: fill the original cutting seams or cracks on the ground base to ensure the apparent effect of self-leveling and crack prevention;

4) high-pressure dust washing: high-pressure dust washing is carried out on the surface of the base layer to ensure the ground is clean;

Base processing

1, new cement floor: new cement floor needs to conserve all round normally, summer needs two weeks above. Ensure that the moisture content is fully volatilized, the moisture content ≤8%, the concrete is completely solidified to reach the required strength of the base.

2. Old floor: whether the floor strength meets the requirements for laying epoxy flooring. The base surface has empty shell or peeling phenomenon, must thoroughly break, clear, until the floor hard, firm. The original coating needs to be tested to determine whether it is compatible with the floor paint to be done.

3. Damaged areas: epoxy mortar shall be used to repair and level off the damaged areas before the bottom coating, and the bond strength and strength shall be fully considered.

4. Ensure that the construction ground is clean, dry, firm and dustfree.

5, there is grease on the ground using organic solvents (tianna water, xylene, etc.) to wash, dry; If these solvents are not available, a thin layer of cement paste can be applied directly. 6, the corner or other do not need daub stick separations with protection, so as not to be contaminated with paint.

Suitable for conditions

1, the construction temperature ≥5℃, if want to be less than 5℃ construction, choose special formula. Humidity is recommended to be below 75%.

2. Ensure air circulation during construction. When dispensing usage, do not exceed 30 minutes.

3. Do maintenance work in the construction process to avoid the invasion of dust and debris, which will affect the paint effect.

4. After the completion of construction, it shall be maintained for at least 7 days before it can be put into use. During curing, there should be no infiltration of water or various solutions.

5. Do not mix with other paints.

6. Curing agent must be added in strict accordance with the specified proportion.

7. Keep the surface of the coating clean, and the moisture content of the coating must be less than 7%.

8. Keep the painting environment clean. It is strictly prohibited to apply in the environment with a lot of dust.

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