BC-7802 Epoxy floor paint
BC-7802 Epoxy floor paint

Product introduction

Beginning in the middle and late 20th century, many clean floor floors appeared in Europe and the United States, and this flooring USES an overall polymer flooring, known as epoxy flooring, composed mainly of epoxy resins and hardening agents. Epoxy floor coatings can be divided into solvent and solvent-free coatings. In the process of production, construction and curing, a certain amount of volatile organic compounds (VOC) will be emitted, but the cost is relatively low. Solvent-free epoxy floor coatings conform to the environmental protection concept

Range of application

What is the choice of epoxy floor? Experts said that each has his own strengths should not be ignored. Solder-based epoxy floor paint is a common epoxy resin floor paint, which is suitable for high standard floors of workshops in car park, automobile manufacturing, machinery manufacturing, paper making, cigarette, chemical industry, textile, furniture and other industries.

Solderless epoxy floor coating, as a kind of floor decoration material with high cleanliness, can meet the requirements of high cleanliness with its smooth surface. It is widely used in the construction of self-leveling, and widely used in the industries with high requirements on the ground, such as medicine, food, electronics, precision instruments and automobile manufacturing

Product features

According to experts, solvable epoxy floor paint has the following advantages: seamless overall, easy cleaning, no dust, bacteria collection; Smooth surface, rich color, can beautify the working environment; The ground is non-toxic and meets the hygiene requirements. Anti-skid, parking lot ground must have a certain degree of roughness, general cement ground is difficult to meet the requirements.

Solvent-free epoxy floor coating has the following advantages: high bonding strength with the base, very low shrinkage when hardening, not easy to crack; The whole is seamless, easy to clean, without gathering dust and bacteria; High solid content, first film thickness; No solvent, construction toxicity, environmental protection; High strength, wear resistant, durable, able to withstand forklift, cart and other vehicles for a long time; Anti-permeability, chemical resistance to corrosion, oil also has a good tolerance; Room temperature curing film, easy maintenance; Smooth surface, rich color, can beautify the working environment, non - toxic surface, in line with health requirements.

Construction procedures

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