Solar thermal reflection insulation coating
Solar thermal reflection insulation coating

Product introduction

By organic polymer resin, high reflection fillers, hollow ceramic beads, and made from nano filler of a kind of functional coating, it has both the general coating adhesion, good corrosion resistance, long service life, resistant to acid and alkali, resistance to hot and humid, salt fog resistance, resistance to ultraviolet light, the characteristics of high radiation resistance, reflect sunlight and blocking the characteristics of heat transfer is a concentration of anticorrosion and thermal insulation and cooling for the integration of special coatings. Application: it is suitable for anticorrosion and heat insulation coating of all kinds of storage tanks in petrochemical and chemical industries, especially for liquefied gas tank, oil tanker, storage tank, ball tank and all kinds of *********** tank in high temperature environment in summer, which can reduce the energy consumption required by original cooling measures. Project results the appearance is smooth and smooth, the color is white and silver, and it is uniform after stirring in the container. There is no hard block and agglomerating construction coating. The barrier free thermal reflectance is more than 90%, the thermal radiation rate is more than 85%, and the thermal conductivity is more than 0.04w /m? K hemisphere emissivity >0.87 adhesion, grade ≤

Range of application

Product features

1 flexibility, mm ≤ 1 impact resistance, ≥ Salt spray test ≥ No abnormal resistance to water resistance was 48 h, 500 h, 96 h without exception oxygen index > 29 solids > 50% insulation 5-10 ℃ temperature difference between the basic parameters: paint main features: 1, high reflective thermal reflectivity of 90%, can the most solar radiation heat rejected in the building outside surface of tank, reduce the number of solar energy heat accumulation, fundamentally relieve sunlight to heat factors of tank, chemical storage tank class construction is strong sunshine season most ideal cooling heat insulation scheme.

2. Adding nanometer carbide filler for thermal radiation, with high infrared emission characteristics, can radiate residual heat on the surface of the tank to the atmosphere, further reducing the surface temperature;

3. The hollow glass beads added in the low-thermal conductivity coating can form an efficient heat insulation layer on the surface of the tank through dense accumulation, which can prevent the solar radiation heat from further spreading to the interior.

4, environmental protection paint does not contain heavy metal (lead, chromium, etc.) substances, formaldehyde and VOC content in line with national standards, environmental protection. 1, reflective heat insulation coating is applicable to brush coating, rolling coating and spraying 2, before the construction of the construction surface oil, dust to be treated clean; 3. The construction temperature shall be above 5℃, and the relative humidity below 85 ℃. 4. Theoretical consumption: 2-3m squared /Kg

Construction procedures

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