BC-8206 Various colors of silicone high temperature primer (two components)
BC-8206 Various colors of silicone high temperature primer (two components)

Product introduction

Main components

The paint is composed of synthetic high temperature resistant resin, modified high temperature resistant resin, high temperature resistant pigment, organic solvent, auxiliary agent and curing agent.

Range of application

Widely used in steel, boiler, electric power, petroleum, chemical industry, shipbuilding, machinery and other industries equipment high temperature parts coating protection.

Product features

1. Good weather resistance and heat resistance.

2. Excellent adhesion.

3. Excellent corrosion resistance.

4. Curing and drying can only be completed under high temperature conditions.

Construction procedures

1. The paint can be applied directly to the surface of steel after surface treatment, usually with a primer of 20-40 microns and a top coat of 20 microns.

2. In order to get good application effect, the first high humidity resistant paint should be gradually heated to the working temperature, and then apply the second paint after cooling. When the coated equipment is used for the first time, it should also be heated to the working temperature gradually, so as to avoid sudden high temperature which may cause the paint film to bubble and fall off.

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