BC-8108 Epoxy cloud iron anti-rust paint (intermediate paint)
BC-8108 Epoxy cloud iron anti-rust paint (intermediate paint)

Product introduction

Main components

The paint is made up of epoxy resin, mica iron oxide, pigment, filler, auxiliary agent, solvent and curing agent.

Range of application

Suitable for intermediate paint of steel equipment, steel structure and pipeline.

Product features

Good adhesion between layers, excellent filling, good acid, alkali, salt corrosion resistance.

Construction procedures

Recommended number of coating lines: two, dry film thickness of 60 micron.

Preceding coat: epoxy primer, polyurethane primer.

Finishing coat: alkyd, epoxy, chlorinated rubber, ethylene, polyurethane, acrylic topcoat, etc.

Surface treatment: the previous paint film must be completely dry. Polish and remove the surface of the surface that has been cured for a long time and before each coating is painted

Layer surface grease, dust, paint film without acid, alkali and moisture condensation and other sundries before painting after the paint.

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