BC-8107 Epoxy zinc rich primer (two components)
BC-8107 Epoxy zinc rich primer (two components)

Product introduction

Main components

The coating is composed of superfine zinc powder, epoxy resin, solvent, auxiliary agent and curing agent.

Range of application

Used for shop primers and heavy anticorrosive primers for large steel structures such as metallurgy, ships, Bridges, electric power and wharves.

Product features

1. Zinc powder has cathodic protection and excellent rust resistance, and the maintenance period is about three to six months when the dry film is 20 microns.

2. It dries quickly, and can be moved, stacked and painted in a short time.

3. Good heat resistance, small burning loss area during welding and cutting.

4. Good adhesion and impact resistance.

5. Excellent water, oil and solvent resistance.

6. The paint film within 20 microns does not affect the welding performance.

Construction procedures

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