BC-8106 Epoxy iron red primer
BC-8106 Epoxy iron red primer

Product introduction

Main components

It is composed of epoxy ester resin, iron oxide red, filler, drying agent, auxiliary agent and solvent.

Range of application

Used as antirust primer for steel structures and equipment.

Product features

Key features

1. The film is tough and has good adhesion.

2. Good nitro resistance.

Construction procedures

After a variety of matching alkyd topcoat, amino baking paint

Sandblasting of surface treated steel to Sa2 level, or derusting of pneumatic and electric grinding tools to St3 level.

Substrate temperature substrate temperature shall be 3℃ above the dew point.

Matters needing attention iron red tone is not stable.

Air spraying, brush painting, rolling coating and high pressure airless spraying.

Diluent: special diluent for epoxy.

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