BC-8105 Polyurethane anti-corrosion topcoat (two components)
BC-8105 Polyurethane anti-corrosion topcoat (two components)

Product introduction

Main components

Containing hydroxyl resin, curing agent, pigment, auxiliaries, diluents, etc., for two components.

Range of application

Suitable for all kinds of interior steel structure surface decoration and protective coating.

Product features

Key features

Fast drying speed, good adhesion, soft luster, strong hiding power, high hardness, good wear resistance.

Construction procedures

Construction method: brush painting, spraying, high pressure airless spraying can be used.

Recommended number of coating lines: 2 lines (dry film thickness: 60-70um)

Previous matching coating: various alkyd anti-rust paint, fumaric red alkyd intermediate paint, various alkyd,

Steel structure special primer, iron red polyamine ester steel structure primer, etc.

Thinner: thinner for polyurethane paint.

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