BC-8104 All kinds of quick drying hammer finish
BC-8104 All kinds of quick drying hammer finish

Product introduction

Main components

Fast drying hammer paint is made of perchloride resin, maleic anhydride resin, alkyd resin, aluminum powder, various pigments and organic solvents.

Range of application

It is suitable for the decoration of metal surface of instrument, instrument, machine tool, hardware, etc.

Product features

Key features

Fast drying hammer paint ship fast drying hammer paint can be natural drying, beautiful paint pattern, good luster, good physical and chemical properties.

Construction procedures

Dilute the quick-drying hammer paint with vinyl chloride diluent and spray the first line on the coated surface. Requirement is even, need not decorative pattern, wait for to point to Angle after dry (table is dry) spray the 2nd hammer grain paint, general head does not add thin material can spray, if viscosity is too high also can add some diluent a little, form hammer grain namely after spray.

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