BC-8103 Various colors of alkyd enamel
BC-8103 Various colors of alkyd enamel

Product introduction

Main components

The paint is made of alkyd resin, pigment, filler, auxiliary agent, solvent, etc.

Range of application

Suitable for steel equipment, steel structure, pipe and other outdoor steel surface decoration protection.

Product features

Key features

1. Paint film is bright, bright and hard.

2. Good outdoor weather resistance.

3. Convenient construction.

Construction procedures

Recommended number of coating lines: two, dry film thickness of 60 micron.

Preceding coat: traditional primer, intermediate primer, alkyd primer, intermediate primer.

Surface treatment: the previous paint film must be completely dry. For the coating that has been cured for a long time, polish the surface and remove the grease and dust on the coating surface before painting. No acid, alkali, moisture and other sundries on the paint film can be used to paint the later paint.

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