BC-8205 Inorganic zinc rich primer (two components)
BC-8205 Inorganic zinc rich primer (two components)

Product introduction

Main components

The paint is a two-component, alcohol-soluble, self-curing inorganic zinc-rich primer prepared by superfine zinc powder, additives, auxiliary film-forming substances, silicates, etc.

Range of application

It is suitable for long-term anti-corrosion protection of steel surface and shot blasting assembly line construction of steel plate or steel profile. Widely used in power station, bridge, metallurgy, mining, shipbuilding, chemical industry, vehicle manufacturing, oil drilling platform, wharf steel pile and other large steel structure heavy corrosion protection and anti-rust primer (under 400℃), and has excellent protection effect.

Product features

1. Zinc powder has cathodic protection and excellent rust resistance. When the dry film thickness is 20 microns, the maintenance period is 6 months.

2. It dries quickly and can be moved and stacked in a very short time.

3. Excellent low temperature curing and solvent resistance.

4. Excellent heat resistance, the paint film can withstand the high temperature of 400℃, small burn area when welding and cutting.

5. Excellent cutting and welding performance.

6. Excellent adhesion, impact, water and salt water resistance.

Construction procedures

1. Steel with oxide skin: sandblasted to Sa2.5 grade.

2. Non-oxidized steel: sandblasted to Sa2.5 level or polished by hand (power tools) to St3 level.

3. Welding, cutting or fire calibration burning damage: after removing welding slag, spatter and polishing, manually (power tools) polish to St3 level.

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