BC-8207 High chlorinated polyethylene anticorrosive finish
BC-8207 High chlorinated polyethylene anticorrosive finish

Product introduction

Main components

The paint is made up of high chlorinated polyethylene resin, pigment, filler, auxiliaries, solvent and so on.

Range of application

Suitable for chemical plant and equipment in damp environment, steel structure, storage tank, platform, cement building surface as anticorrosive coating.

Product features

1. Good weather resistance and aging resistance.

2. Chemical resistance and oil resistance.

3. It dries quickly.

Construction procedures

Recommended number of coating lines: two, dry film thickness of 60 micron.

Finish: iron red high chlorinated polyethylene primer, epoxy ester primer, polyurethane primer, acrylic primer, intermediate primer.

Surface treatment: when there is a previous paint matching, the previous paint film must be completely dry, for the coating has long been solidified, before painting brush surface grinding and remove coating surface grease, dust, no acid, alkali and moisture condensation on the paint film can paint after the road.

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