BC-1501 Alkali resistant primer bc-1501 for interior walls
BC-1501 Alkali resistant primer bc-1501 for interior walls

Product introduction

This product has excellent moisture-proof and alkali resistance effect, strong hiding power and sufficient hardness. Excellent weather resistance, super adhesion and strong permeability, can effectively protect the coating from cement and other strong chemical damage, increase the durability and color retention of paint film. The jian kang that protects your family in the round, your metope is clean from start to finish, delicate like silk, smooth like silk, let you always maintain a noble mood.

BC-1501 内墙抗碱底漆BC-1501

Range of application

Suitable for all kinds of sign buildings, garden villas, star hotels, luxury clubs, senior housing and other buildings of the inner wall luxury decoration. Can be applied to concrete, plasterboard, brick wall, cement asbestos board and other walls.

Product features

◎ high alkali resistance, excellent mildew resistance;

◎ excellent closure, can prevent the precipitation of soluble substances in the wall;

◎ strong adhesion, good adhesion;

◎ the construction of the grass root is arbitrary;

◎ toxic safety, health and environmental protection.

Gloss: matte

Color: white or many other popular colors (see color card for details)

Construction procedures

◎ brush coating, roller coating or spraying, airless spraying is better. -- under normal conditions, apply two coats, and the interval of repainting is 2 hours;

◎ dilution: to 10-20% (quality ratio) of water dilution, fully stir before construction.

Construction conditions:

◎ the temperature should not be lower than 5℃, the relative humidity should not be higher than 85%, ensure that the wall PH value ≤9.

◎ the base surface must be flat, solid, dry, clean, neutral.

Too much water, no effective brush area.

◎ before the construction, the paint should be stirred evenly.

◎ for better coating effect, please use our company's interior wall paint. Do not mix with other coatings.

◎ tools are cleaned with water after use.


Storage conditions: sealed storage in a cool and dry place at 0-5℃.

Validity period: 18 months

Standard: GB/ t9756-2001 gb18582-2008

Packing specification: 18L

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