Natural stone paint
Natural stone paint

Product introduction

Natural true stone is a kind of true stone paint that shows the texture of granite in a realistic way, which makes up for the effect of rock flake that traditional true stone paint lacks, and can really reflect the texture effect and texture of granite, which is the upgrading product of traditional true stone paint.

Range of application

Apply at the building metope that needs to show sedate and high adornment effect, do not suffer the limitation of wall body height and wall body concave and convex complex modelling.

Product features

1) the painting effect is solemn and solemn, fully showing the rich texture of natural stone;

2) can fully display the natural flake texture and texture of rocks;

3) specially made from natural rock fragments, not easy to fade, keep long and beautiful;

4) can adapt to a variety of climate, ensure that the paint film is not white, not yellow;

5) effectively prevent water from entering the wall to prevent alkaline substances from precipitation;

6) it has strong adhesion ability, and its dead weight is less than that of stone, which is suitable for spraying on the outer wall wall instead of traditional stone.

Construction procedures

1. True stone paint shall be smooth, firm and crack-free

2, first with anti-alkali seal primer or metope treatment agent for a time, dry and then use a special spray gun paint true stone paint, spraying one to two times (you can also scratch), repainting interval for more than 2 hours.

3, after 48 hours, apply water base oil varnish again.

4. Primers and topcoats must be applied to ensure construction quality and durability.

5, for the complex base, in order to ensure the best construction effect, provide a full construction plan of true stone paint.

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