5D colorful marble paint (water based)
5D colorful marble paint (water based)

Product introduction

'Becky' multi-color (i.e., water bag architectural coatings) is based on physical chemistry of colloid and surface treatment technology as the foundation, will be refined into water-based resin colloidal liquid water color particles, and evenly suspended in a specific water emulsion, eventually formed a colorful particle size random polymer liquid gel copolymer.

Range of application

Hotels and guesthouses, high-end residential buildings, commercial buildings, villas, large chain hotels, office buildings and office buildings and other high-end buildings.

Cement wall, ceramic tile, aluminum board and other old and new wall

Replace the decoration of metal curtain wall, stone curtain wall, glass curtain wall and synthetic resin curtain wall;

Product features

1, environmental protection and energy saving: fully meet the national requirements for the environmental protection of building coatings;

2, the construction period is short: a molding, so can greatly save the construction time;

3, excellent anti-cracking: cover the wall crack, ensure the waterproof and prevent the wall cracking, keep the coating firm and smooth;

4, super self-cleaning function: can make the wall as new as always;

5, super weather resistance, scrub resistance, scratch resistance;

6, high simulation: lifelike stone decoration effect, in color imitation of natural granite, more natural;

7. Creative: the shape of granite can be arbitrarily changed according to the designer's intention. Can adapt to any irregular building wall;

Construction procedures

Construction process: the basic level cleaning, door and window protection of finished products, the basic level repair, product batch blow putty two times, polishing, paint brush alkali primer one time, (do the division line), paint brush in the paint two times, spray colorful imitation stone paint, spray finish paint, cleaning, renovation

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