BC-7004 Fluorocarbon finish varnish
BC-7004 Fluorocarbon finish varnish

Product introduction

Is a two-component solvent varnish, with high quality refined fluorocarbon resin and additives, has excellent weather resistance durability, chemical character and advantages of the fouling resistance, fluorocarbon lacquer service life can reach more than 15 years, very suitable for all kinds of material coating on the building, such as: building external wall, roads and Bridges, steel structure, wooden structure, etc.;

BC-7004 氟碳罩面清漆

Range of application

External walls, roads and Bridges, steel structures, wooden structures, etc.

Product features

Construction procedures


Appearance: clear and transparent or translucent;

Bc-7004 fluorocarbon finishing varnish

Luster: divided into light, half light, matte and completely matte four categories;

Flash point: about 40℃;

Dry time: ≤60 minutes (25℃);

Dry time: 24 hours (25℃);

Complete cure: 7 days (25℃);

Bc-7004 fluorocarbon finishing varnish

Paint consumption: 6-10m ^ 2 /kg(theoretical value)

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