BC-7003 High quality solid fluorocarbon finish
BC-7003 High quality solid fluorocarbon finish

Product introduction

High quality solid color fluorocarbon topcoat is a fluorocarbon resin based topcoat with super durability, self-cleaning, stain resistance, acid and alkali resistance and low pollution.

Fluorocarbon finishing varnish is a two-component finishing coat based on imported high quality fluorocarbon resin, which forms a tight and hard surface protective layer, and is the first choice of protective paint for exterior wall decoration.

Range of application

◎ interior and exterior decoration of various star-rated hotels, high-grade residences, financial buildings, office buildings, Banks, schools and other buildings;

◎ all kinds of old and new concrete, cement mortar batting surface and brick wall surface;

◎ various tiles, mosaics, stone bottom, old paint, old soda stone, aluminum curtain wall renovation and color replacement;

◎ the cement crack resistant sand mortar composite alkali resistant glass fiber mesh cloth crack resistant protective layer.

Product features

◎ extremely high durability and anti-ultraviolet function;

◎ excellent anti-corrosion function;

◎ strong adhesion, good adhesion to all kinds of base;

◎ excellent pollution resistance, easy to clean;

◎ good light protection and yellow degeneration;

◎ film plump and smooth, easy maintenance.

Construction procedures

Base surface requirements' cleaning and dressing 'paste mesh' cutting and caulking 'rough putty leveling fine child scraping' polishing putty (also known as oil putty) 'fluorocarbon primer' fluorocarbon finish 'fluorocarbon finish' fluorocarbon varnish

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