Granite magic paint
Granite magic paint

Product introduction

Rock tablet paint, also called imitation granite paint, granite paint, belong to the new type of pure water-based material does not contain any solute wall type building paint, rich granite style, granite connotation, granite noble, granite grade, is the traditional natural upgrade of true stone paint breed. After spraying decoration, big decorative pattern, big idea, good-looking, firm, cool like rich texture of stone, give a person with natural granite as solemn, rugged, atmospheric visual enjoyment. Single dry sand wall like true stone paint or other building coatings are lack of granite texture of artistic bone, can not be comparable to the effect of granite paint.

Range of application

Rock sheet paint is widely applied to the decoration surface of the building metope such as the high-grade style hall hall, high-rise apartment, resident villa, etc. It is also the best choice for the renovation and renovation of the old ceramic tile veneer wall to achieve the purpose of luxury decoration.

Product features

● absolute safety factor. For example, the stone dry hanging veneer applied to the outer wall of nearly 10,000 square meters will load thousands of tons of extra burden, seriously endangering life and property. Spray rock sheet paint only accounts for 1/20 of the stone weight and easy construction, more effective to ensure the safety of the building.

● unique artistic taste. Rock slice of paint texture tenacity strong, beautiful decorative pattern ageing resistance do not fade, anti the anti-cracking performance greatly superior to other coating product, more with colorful realistic pattern effect beyond the ordinary really stone paint of the boring and like granite, because of her outstanding, fashion, elegant, is bound to become today's well be a lag of a variety of architectural coatings and update of traditional stone material replacement products.

● lightweight building materials. Spray rock sheet paint, not only reduce the load to effectively protect the safety of the building, but also greatly reduce the labor intensity of workers carrying and installing heavy stone.

● the creation of decorative patterns. The natural texture of the rock cannot be altered. Spray rock sheet paint, can be customized according to the needs of users satisfactory processing of rock patterns, the degree of imitation is 100 percent, without a doubt for the building paint rookie.

● reduce the cost of good effect. Cost is the owner's first choice. The cheap rock-flake paint on the exterior wall is obviously more attractive than the expensive cost of hundreds of yuan per square meter of dry-hanging stone.

● easy to update and low cost. Stone is expensive, difficult to disassemble and install, difficult to abandon and change in the future. And spray rock sheet paint cost is low, old color outdated time can be very convenient to update at will, forever praise fashion trendy.

Construction procedures

Base treatment → repair and leveling → back cover → dividing case → shelter → spraying → roll off → covering → cleaning section.

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