BC-8203 Chloro-sulfonated polyvinyl chloride anticorrosive primer/intermediate coat/top coat /(two components)
BC-8203 Chloro-sulfonated polyvinyl chloride anticorrosive primer/intermediate coat/top coat /(two components)

Product introduction

Main components

Chloro-sulfonated polyethylene (cpe) is used as the main film forming material, and modified resin, pigment filler, auxiliary agent, organic solvent and curing agent are added to prepare a two-component coating.

Range of application

It is suitable for corrosion protection of chemical oil tank, building, pipeline, cement wall, steel frame bridge and other equipment and facilities corroded by chemical atmosphere.

Product features

1. Excellent ozone resistance, light oxidation resistance and air aging resistance;

2. Excellent resistance to chemical medium corrosion and mold;

3. Good adhesion, impact resistance, abrasion resistance and flexibility, strong resistance to disturbances:

4. Excellent heat resistance, suitable for use below 120℃;

5. The coating has low water absorption and is not easy to burn.

Construction procedures

Pre-use treatment: the surface moisture, dust, oil and other dirt to be treated clean, otherwise it will reduce the adhesion of paint film, affect the use effect. If be in cement metope besmear, can dilute primer 50% besmear first brush, besmear again primer paint.

Application ratio: the ratio of top finish to bottom of this paint is: a: b =20:1 (weight ratio).

Stirring method: before painting, the bottom of a and b components should be facing up, oscillating evenly, and then open the bucket to stir fully, ingredients for use.

Use period: the paint is two-component packaging, according to the prescribed proportion when using, the paint must be used up within 24 hours, so as to avoid cement waste.

Diluter: if the viscosity of paint is too large, the special diluter can be used to dilute the paint to ensure the quality of construction.

Construction method: the paint can be applied by spraying, brush painting, roller painting, dip painting and other methods.

Coating thickness: 3~4 times for general equipment with a total thickness of about 80 um, 5~6 times in corrosive and harsh environment. Every half an hour besmear is brushed, till requirement ply is up, after all besmear is brushed, need to place 7 days square to be able to be put into use.

Supporting paint: epoxy paint, vinyl perchloride paint, polyurethane paint can be painted on this paint, general paint can be painted on this paint. Had better not brush this coating on common paint, because common paint is easy to bite off bottom, also can try this paint, but when besmear is brushed, allow only one come, the place besmear that looks for a miss is brushed the 2nd time, after an hour without exception can undertake 3, 4 times construction by normal besmear brush method.

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