BC-8201 Various color epoxy topcoat (two-component)
BC-8201 Various color epoxy topcoat (two-component)

Product introduction

The paint is a subassembly coating composed of epoxy resin, pigment, filler, auxiliary agent, solvent and curing agent.

Range of application

It is suitable for protecting water plant, steel equipment surface, pipeline, storage tank, cement surface from chemical corrosion and water treatment equipment.

Product features

1. The film has excellent adhesion, flexibility, wear resistance, impact resistance and other physical properties.

2. Excellent alkali resistance.

3. Excellent water and salt water resistance.

4. Good oil resistance and chemical resistance.

5. Excellent durability and corrosion resistance.

6. Due to the properties of the resin itself, the outdoor weather resistance of this product is poor. After being exposed to sunlight, the surface is prone to powder or change color, which affects the appearance.

Construction procedures

The preceding paint film must be completely dry to the cured coating; Before besmear brushwork the surface undertakes burnish and remove besmear surface smeary, dirt, the ability after besmear of the sundry such as no acid base and moisture condensation on paint film is painted hind course paint.

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