BC-6001 Advanced matte exterior paint
BC-6001 Advanced matte exterior paint

Product introduction

High quality modified acrylic acid copolymer is used to modify polymer emulsion and pigment fillers by special process.

BC-6001 高级哑光外墙漆

Range of application

Suitable for residential, office buildings, hotels, schools and other large building construction and maintenance projects.

Product features

◎ good weather resistance and color retention, lasting protection and decoration effect;

◎ excellent water resistance and vertical water resistance;

◎ good alkali resistance, prevent film powder;

◎ strong hiding power, smooth paint film, simple construction; Quick dry outstanding, construction 60 minutes can resist rain;

◎ safety and environmental protection.

Construction procedures

Substrate treatment:

◎ remove dust, grease and loose marl from newly built walls. If there are pores, repair them in time to ensure that the walls are clean, dry and smooth.

◎ heavy metope eradication of the old wall is not strong paint film, remove the surface dust powder compounds and impurities, leveling, polishing, cleaning and thoroughly dry;

◎ ensure that the surface humidity of pre-coated substrate is 10% lower and the PH value is less than 10; The surface of precoated substrate must be firm, dry, clean, flat and free of loose matter.

Construction method: roller, brush and spray

Construction conditions:

Please do not work in wet or cold weather (the temperature is below 5℃ and the relative humidity is 85%), or the expected effect will not be achieved. Before construction, the paint should be stirred evenly, and coated with a matching primer. Do not mix with other coatings.

Maintenance time: 7 days /25℃, low temperature (not less than 5℃) should be appropriately extended, in order to obtain the ideal paint film effect.

Dilution: according to the construction needs, add less than 10% of water dilution; Stir well before use.

Cleaning: please wash all the appliances with water immediately after the painting stops or finishes.

Storage: sealed in a cool and dry place at 0-35℃

Validity period: 18 months.

Execution standard: GB/T 9755-2001

Packing specification: 18L

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