BC-5002 5 in 1 matte wall paint
BC-5002 5 in 1 matte wall paint

Product introduction

Five in one matte wall paint adopts the raw materials and technology of international famous companies, specially developed for the Chinese architectural characteristics and the climatic environment. This product performance is excellent, the function is comprehensive, has the health environmental protection, the good adhesion, the color is bright and so on many merit, can effectively satisfy each kind of modern interior decoration request, has the good decoration performance, is the modern room

BC-5002 五合一哑光墙面漆

Range of application

Suitable for interior wall decoration of all kinds of buildings, clubs, residences, etc. Can be applied to concrete, plasterboard, brick wall, cement asbestos board and other walls.

Product features

◎ paint film is delicate, soft luster;

◎ good anti-fading, good alkali resistance;

◎ high covering power;

◎ green environment protection;

The smell is fresh and fragrant.

Gloss: matte

Color: white or many other popular colors (see color card for details)

Construction procedures

◎ roller coating, brush coating, spraying can be used, airless spraying effect is better.

◎ the base surface must be flat, solid, dry, clean, neutral.

◎ before the construction, the paint should be stirred evenly, and coated with a matching interior wall primer.

◎ dilute with 10-20% water.

◎ do not mix with other paint.

Construction conditions:

◎ the temperature should not be lower than 5℃, the relative humidity should not be higher than 85%, ensure that the wall PH value ≤9.

◎ reapply for more than 2 hours (dry through is the standard).

Storage conditions: sealed storage in a cool and dry place at 0-35℃.

Validity period: 18 months

Standard: GB/ t9756-2001 gb18582-2008

Packing specification: 18L

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