Water-based fluorocarbon paint
Water-based fluorocarbon paint

Product introduction

Water-borne exterior wall fluorocarbon metallic paint is made of fluorocarbon emulsion as film forming material, adding high quality weather-resistant pigment and auxiliary agent. With the characteristics of real metal color, super durability, super weather resistance, light and color retention, acid and alkali resistance, chemical resistance, long service life and convenient construction, it is an ideal environmental protection product to replace expensive aluminum plastic board. Water-based fluorocarbon paint


Range of application

It is widely used for the surface decoration and protection of high buildings with high coating requirements and difficult renovation.

Product features

Water dilution, no toxic solvent, safe and environmental protection.

Excellent anti - uv, anti - powder and long - term light and color.

Super adhesion and excellent chemical stability, can resist the basic alkaline and atmospheric acid rain erosion.

Excellent water resistance, mildew and algae resistance.

It has good hydrophobicity, can resist the pollution from clean, make the pollutant not easy to stick.

Metal flashing effect is strong, high imitation.

Technical parameters :(HG/ t4104-2009)

Low temperature stability: no deterioration

Drying time (table dry) : ≤2h

Adhesion: ≤ grade 1

Alkali resistance (168h) : no abnormality

Water resistance (168h) : no abnormality

Acid rain resistance (48h) : no abnormality

Moisture resistance, cold and heat cycling (5 times) : no abnormality

Washing resistance (times) : ≥3000

Aging resistance in artificial climate (super fluorescent uv accelerated aging) : color changing ≤1 grade for 1000h, powdery grade 0

Construction procedures

1. Construction conditions

Construction environment temperature 5 ~ 35℃, humidity in 80% or less is appropriate.

2. Base surface treatment

The base surface must be firm, dry, clean, flat and free from loose substances, ensuring that the water content of the base surface is less than 10% and the PH value is less than 10.

3. Construction process

(1) planar aluminum-plastic plate process:

Base treatment -- scraping guangtian G165 water-based polishing putty -- spraying guangtian 1008 silicone acrylic exterior wall alkali resistant sealing primer -- spraying guangtian G9901 water-based exterior wall fluorocarbon metal paint -- spraying guangtian G9000 water-based fluorocarbon finish varnish

(2) laminated orange peel technology:

Base treatment -- spraying guangtian 1008 silicone acrylic exterior wall alkali resistant sealing primer -- roller coating guangtian 1862 elastic waterproof middle layer paint -- roller coating or spraying guangtian G9901 water-based exterior wall fluorocarbon metal paint roller coating or spraying guangtian G9000 water-based fluorocarbon finish varnish

4. Dilution ratio

Generally no dilution is required. When diluting, use clear water, add no more than 5% water at most, and stir evenly.

5, construction

Roller coating and spraying.

The interval of recoating shall be more than 4 hours (temperature: 25℃, relative humidity: 65% or less). The recoating shall be applied under low temperature and high humidity, and the recoating time shall be appropriately extended.

6. Reference consumption

7 ~ 10m2/ l/time (the consumption varies depending on the effect of the actual construction surface)

Iv. Packing specifications

18kg/ drum (18L)

V. shelf life

Six months at room temperature

Storage and transportation

Sealed and stored in a cool and dry place. Please pay attention to anti-freeze (above 5℃) when storing and transporting.

This product is non - toxic, non - polluting, non - combustible, non - explosive, can be transported as general goods.

Vii. Matters needing attention

When construction should pay attention to maintain air circulation, paint should be away from heat source and direct sunlight for a long time.

In case of eye contact, rinse immediately with plenty of water and seek medical attention.

Children are not allowed to enter the construction area and products should be placed out of reach of children.

Waste disposal should comply with national and local environmental laws and regulations.

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