Inflatable steel structure fire retardant coating ASM01
Inflatable steel structure fire retardant coating ASM01

Product introduction

Interior expansion ASM01 steel structure fire retardant coating, is a thin film, good fireproof performance of water-based foaming type special coatings, non-toxic pollution-free simple main besmear to brush the surface of the steel structure construction, after the paint film by rapid expansion foam, forming dense homogeneous porous insulating layer, carbide from the air, delay steel members heating speed, rapid heating up, avoid steel structure so as to improve the refractory time limit of steel structure

Range of application

Widely used in (indoor) station industrial plant stadium electric equipment high-rise buildings such as steel beam purlin steel structure surface

Product features

Inflatable steel structure fire retardant coating ASM01

Construction procedures

Construction process description


Steel structure surface treatment - brush rustproof primer - brush fire retardant coating - brush finish


1. Before painting, the surface of the steel structure should be treated and polished to thoroughly remove oil, rust and other sundries on the surface of the steel components.


2. Apply anti-rust primer. Choose alkyd and epoxy primer (water-based and solvent based). (the company can provide supporting products)


3 paint brush fire retardant coating, coating open cover before use, should be fully stirred evenly coating, such as coating too thick can be diluted with water, add water content recommendations do not exceed 10%, dilute to appropriate coating, do not flow can. This product is mainly applied by spraying, rolling coating and other methods, and shall be constructed several times. The thickness of the first time shall be controlled within 0.15mm, and the next time shall be constructed after the paint film surface dries (subject to the paint film not being used, usually at an interval of 4-8h). The thickness of the subsequent construction shall be controlled at about 0.2mm until the standard thickness required by the corresponding fire resistance grade is reached.


4 besmear brush topcoat, in order to improve the physical and chemical properties of fireproofing coating, it is recommended to wait for the paint film drying coating coating on the surface of a layer of fireproofing coating special topcoat.


Construction requirements


This product is water-based fireproof coating, the environmental temperature in the construction process should not be less than 5, the relative humidity should not be more than 80%, no matter in the construction process or after the construction should avoid rain, in order to prevent the film off.

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