Imitation stone multi-color paint (water in water, 3D paint)
Imitation stone multi-color paint (water in water, 3D paint)

Product introduction

Water-based colorful stone-like paint is a kind of paint made of modified resin and stable pigment instead of dye. Color vivid and chic, can be based on customer samples to establish a variety of color matching sample group, is a perfect substitute for natural stone materials. Its multi - color one - time spraying, simple construction, can show granite fine particles. Pure water colorful formula, in line with the requirements of environmental protection, construction pollution-free, pollution-free, one of the green building materials.

Range of application

Hotels and guesthouses, high-end residential buildings, commercial buildings, villas, large chain hotels, office buildings and office buildings and other high-end buildings.

Cement wall, ceramic tile, aluminum board and other old and new wall

Replace the decoration of metal curtain wall, stone curtain wall, glass curtain wall and synthetic resin curtain wall;

GRC, FRP and other molding materials, pre-cast wall spraying;

Product features

1: high degree of simulation stone: the use of colored particles coated granule technology, paint at the same time into the insoluble colorful polymer colloidal copolymer particles, through a spray, can create almost the same texture effect as the original stone, the degree of simulation stone can reach 95%; Realistic show granite effect, its material sense and three-dimensional sense is ordinary true stone paint can not match, can be comparable with true stone paint; It makes up for the granite high cost, construction difficulty and other shortcomings.

2: simple construction: only single spraying, can complete the granite colorful stone effect, simple and fast construction, overcome the conventional granite true stone paint multi-color multiple spraying can not work and low simulation, greatly reduce the granite paint construction can not control the risk.

3: durable weather resistance: the use of perfluorosilicone system, so that the coating has a strong chemical stability, and thus has excellent uv resistance and durable weather resistance. At the same time, ceramic inorganic pigments are used to ensure its durable color retention, with a service life of more than 20 years.

4: anti-cracking: elastic coating system combination is adopted. The system coating has the ability to cover the wall crack, ensuring waterproof and preventing the wall crack.

5: super self-cleaning: ceramic effect on the coated film surface, not only reduces the electrification of the coated film surface, but also can form a very smooth surface, reducing the accumulation of all kinds of ash in the air, dust attached to the surface is easy to be washed away by rain, strong pollution resistance, keep clean for a long time.

6: pure water-based formula, green environmental protection: the raw material adopts the European Union environmental protection standard, pure water-based formula, completely solve the traditional colorful coating 'oil in water' approach, VOC content is very low, meet the requirements of environmental protection, the construction pollution-free.

7: lighter weight, higher safety and economy: the use weight of mingmin colorful imitation stone paint is only 1/6 of the ordinary stone paint, 1/20 of the brick, 1/40 of the dry hanging stone, the weight is far less than the stone

Construction procedures

Construction process: the basic level cleaning, door and window protection of finished products, the basic level repair, product batch blow putty two times, polishing, paint brush alkali primer one time, (do the division line), paint brush in the paint two times, spray colorful imitation stone paint, spray finish paint, cleaning, renovation

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