BC-8202 Chlorinated rubber finish
BC-8202 Chlorinated rubber finish

Product introduction

Main components

The paint is made up of chlorinated rubber resin, synthetic resin, pigment, filler, auxiliary agent and solvent.

Range of application

Suitable for ship waterline, hull, superstructure and all kinds of onshore steel structure surface, such as power plant, steel works, wharf steel structure, chemical plant, bridge, container, hydraulic steel valve, gas tank, etc.

Product features

1. Paint film dries quickly.

2. Good low temperature construction performance, can be in the environment of -20℃-50℃ construction.

3. The paint film layer is mutually soluble with excellent layer adhesion. When the old chlorinated rubber paint film is repaired again, it is not necessary to remove the strong old paint film, and the maintenance is convenient.

4. Low permeability of water vapor and oxygen to paint film, excellent water resistance and good corrosion resistance.

5. Good weather resistance and durability.

6. Poor solvent resistance.

Construction procedures

When there is a former paint matching, the former paint film must be completely dry, to cure the coating of a long time, before besmear brush surface grinding and remove coating surface oil, dust, paint film without acid and alkali and moisture condensation after sundries can paint paint.

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