BC-1701 Universal oil primer for exterior walls
BC-1701 Universal oil primer for exterior walls

Product introduction

It is a solvent-based primer composed of special acrylic tree fingers, used as a sealant for porous surfaces such as cement concrete, asbestos board and external wall putty, with excellent permeability, adhesion and chemical resistance.

BC-1701 万能油性外墙底漆

Range of application

Product features

Construction procedures

Mixing ratio: single component ratio: main agent: diluent =10:2-4, single component does not need curing agent, after mixing and stirring evenly, it must be used up within 5 hours, please use more than 100 mesh mesh filter before use; Construction method: rolling, brush, spraying can be; Surface treatment: the substrate surface should be clean, dry, flat, firm, PH<9, moisture content <7%; Construction environment: temperature 5-35℃, relative humidity ≤80%; Rain, snow and wind are not suitable for construction.

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