BC-6004 Resilient anti-fouling exterior wall paint
BC-6004 Resilient anti-fouling exterior wall paint

Product introduction

The elastic texture coating is composed of fine grading filler, pure acrylic adhesive and other additives. With excellent weather resistance, uv resistance, aging resistance, so that the wall is always new. Specially designed viscosity structure has good flexibility, anti-collision and impact elasticity, and can effectively bridge small wall cracks. Wash resistant, thick coating more effective protection of buildings, decorative strong.

BC-6004 弹性抗污外墙漆

Range of application

Widely used in industrial and commercial buildings, public facilities, office buildings, factories, hospitals, apartments, villas and other external walls of brick wall surface, cement mortar surface, sand and stone surface, plywood, rust-proof steel plate and other base surface, construction tolerant.

Product features

◎ high elasticity, good flexibility;

Excellent adhesion and excellent covering;

◎ hate water breathable, moisture-proof sound-absorbing;

◎ excellent outdoor after resistance, durable color;

◎ strong texture, rich expression, anti collision and impact;

◎ the product particle size is moderate, can be sprayed *** thin spray, uniform color, design harmony and natural;

◎ spray embossed pattern is generated at will, strong texture effect;

◎ still can use roller to create the result such as refined and changeful ancient banyan tree or bark.

Construction procedures

New wall: make sure the wall is firm, clean and free of dust, foreign matter and oil. All cracks, peeling place to use the company's external wall putty caulking and leveling. PH < 10. Before formally applying the coating, it is suggested to use our company's matching permeating primer. When spraying construction should pay attention to cover the adjacent wall, so as not to be dirty.

Old wall: if the construction is carried out on the surface of the old wall, the base surface of the wall must be firm and free from oil and foreign matter. Wash the walls with soda solution before construction, and wait for dry before formal construction.

Color: white and many standard colors are available.

Note: during construction, the roller lifts the skin and wrinkles, and then use the roller to repair and shape the surface after 10 minutes

Storage conditions: sealed storage in a cool dry place at 0-35℃.

Validity period: 18 months

Execution standard: GB/T 9755-2001

Packing specification: 18L

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