Bc-5005 anti-fouling silk wall paint
Bc-5005 anti-fouling silk wall paint

Product introduction

Full-effect silk wall emulsion paint is a high quality acrylic polymer interior wall emulsion paint, specially made of mercerized formula, the paint film has a soft luster like silk, elegant style.

Full-effect silk wall emulsion paint is specially designed with special anti-pollution design, which can easily resist all kinds of stains. Meanwhile, five powerful functions can protect the wall and keep it bright and lasting. It is the perfect choice for high-grade interior wall finishing.

BC-5005 抗污丝绸墙面漆

Range of application

Full-effect silk wall emulsioni paint is suitable for interior wall, ceiling, concrete, plasterboard, plaster, brick structure, asbestos board, etc.

Product features

The characteristics of full-effect silk wall emulsion paint are as follows:

(1) the full effect of silk wall emulsioni paint with environmental protection formula, low taste non-toxic, is a new type of environmental protection paint;

(2) the full effect of silk wall latex paint with silk soft luster, elegant style;

(3) full effect silk wall latex paint feel delicate and smooth, can cover fine cracks;

(4) full-effect silk wall latex paint with special anti-pollution design, easy to remove all kinds of stains.

Construction procedures

The construction method

Full effect silk wall emulsioni paint with no gas or gas spray, according to the proportion of water dilution, should be fully stirred before construction.

Ratio of the construction

Dilution ratio of adding water: 10-20%, the dilution ratio will vary according to different construction methods and surface roughness.

Theoretical consumption of paint

8 m2/kg/ time (dry film thickness 30 microns), the actual coating area will vary according to the construction method, surface roughness and construction environment.

Recoat time

Minimum interval 4 h (temperature 25 ℃/ relative humidity 75%)

Proposed supporting system

Primer: water-based alkali resistant primer for internal walls (first time);

Finish: full effect silk wall latex paint (two or three times).

Matters needing attention

(1) should repair too loose or uneven surface, so as to avoid the appearance of poor adhesion, side luster inconsistent defects;

(2) spray construction, should prevent local coating too thick;

(3) maintenance time: 7 days (temperature 25 ℃/ relative humidity 75%), low temperature or high humidity environment, should be appropriately extended;

(4) do not in wet or cold weather construction (temperature below 8 ℃, relative humidity greater than 85%), so as not to affect the coating effect.

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