BC-5001 High quality wall paint
BC-5001 High quality wall paint

Product introduction

High quality satin feeling metope paint is a kind of qualitative ground fine slippery, cover force is good, healthy and nontoxic emulsioni paint of environmental protection. It is a kind of modern product that aims to provide high quality safety factor for home decoration and building from the point of protecting environment and protecting human health. It can fully meet the requirements of personalized and functional decoration.

BC-5001 优质墙面漆

Range of application

It is suitable for interior wall decoration and protection of various home buildings, landmark buildings, luxury villas, high-rise buildings and other places.

Product features

◎ beautiful and elegant lacquer, delicate and smooth;

◎ good covering power, good wet scrubbing resistance;

◎ anti-mildew and antibacterial, health and environmental protection;

◎ bright color, fragrance;

◎ special elastic performance, effectively cover the wall fine cracks.

Gloss: matte, mercerized

Color: white or many other popular colors (see color card for details)

Construction procedures

◎ brush coating, roller coating or spraying, airless spraying is better. Under normal circumstances, two coating, recoating interval time is not less than 2 hours.

◎ dilute 10-20% (quality ratio) of water dilution, fully stir before construction.

Construction conditions:

◎ the temperature should not be lower than 5℃, the relative humidity should not be higher than 85%, ensure that the wall PH value ≤9.

◎ the base surface must be flat, solid, dry, clean, neutral.

◎ too much water does not increase the effective coating area.

◎ before the construction, the paint should be stirred evenly.

◎ for better painting effect, please use our company's interior wall primer. Do not mix with other coatings.

◎ tools are cleaned with water after use.

Storage conditions: sealed storage in a cool dry place at 0-35℃.

Validity period: 18 months

Standard: GB/ t9756-2001 gb18582-2008

Packing specification: 18L

Bc-5001 high quality wall paint

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