There are problems in the production and circulation of fireproof coatings

Fireproof coating production lead city problem

Up to now, some fire coatings manufacturers often have a very small scale, its automation level is relatively low. In recent years, China has also strengthened the joint improvement of the quality of fire products, and the fire control and quality supervision departments have also jointly realized the inspection of these manufacturers. After inspection, it is found that many of the manufacturers are only at the level of manual workshops, and there are still many problems in the inspection, production, control and management of raw materials.

Fireproof paint circulation lead city problem

In the relevant rules and regulations issued in our country clearly stipulated, in the steel structure protection of the fire coating needs to be issued by the relevant inspection institutions of China's physical and chemical performance test report and fire-resistant limit test report, need to obtain the relevant departments to approve the product qualification certificate and production license. Through investigation investigation discovery, the fireproof coating that circulates on the market at present still exists a few fake and shoddy products, and the certificate of a lot of products is not complete yet.

On the production and circulation of fireproof coating solutions

About fireproof coating afore-mentioned two big problems, give an opinion is to need to supervise production and current domain strictly. Fire retardant coating of steel structure building in China, is currently in the production and circulation fields still exist many problems, this will affect the overall quality of fire retardant coating, affect the steel structure of the overall level of fire prevention, which will pose a serious threat to people living security, so the regulators need to strictly in accordance with the relevant laws, regulations and rules and regulations to achieve fire TuKe production areas and in the field of circulation supervision and management work, once found

All kinds of illegal production and sales must be severely punished according to law. Additional, our country also wants to strengthen to the production of fireproof coating, current, the domain such as sale makes clear, normative requirement and regulation. Relevant regulatory departments shall, through a lot of practice, implement detailed treatment of regulatory rules, conduct strict inspection of 'three no products', and once found, they must be banned from use and centralized destruction.

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