Advantages of water paint

Water paint crystal clear, good flexibility and resistant to water, wear resistance, resistance to aging, resistance to yellow, dry quickly, easy to use and other characteristics. Can be used in: wood, metal, plastic, glass, building surface and other materials. According to statistics data from the national bureau of statistics, from January to December 2014, the cumulative production of national coatings (according to the scale of 1344 enterprises above) 16.4819 million tons. If the whole country carries out water paint coating, hold by 70% industry paint proportion conversion, paint quantity achieves 10 million tons, not only wasted 6 million tons of energy, the key is to create 6 million tons of toxic and harmful gas emissions to the atmosphere. So the implementation of waterborne coating, energy conservation and emission reduction, good for the country and people.

The difference between water paint and paint

Different meanings

Water paint: paint with water as the diluent. It is characterized by energy saving, environmental protection, non-combustion and non-explosion, ultra-low emission, low carbon and healthy.

Paint: the paint made of benzene and other organic solvent as diluent for decoration and protection, benzene solvent toxic and carcinogenic, VOC emissions are high, flammable and explosive, pollution of the environment.

Different diluents

Water paint: use water as diluent only.

Paint: paint with highly toxic, polluting, flammable organic solvent as a diluent.

The volatiles are different

Water paint: mostly for the evaporation of water.

Paint: benzene and other organic solvent volatilization.

Different construction requirements

Water paint: no special requirements, after a simple training, that can paint brush, paint brush and repair is very convenient, generally do not need professional labor protection supplies to assist, do not need special fire treatment. However, water paint drying at room temperature is relatively slow, affected by temperature and humidity.

Paint: must undergo professional training and practice before painting, must be equipped with professional labor protection equipment, such as gas masks, must be banned fireworks.

Different environmental performance

Water paint: low carbon, environmental protection, energy saving, VOC emission low.

Paint: contains a large number of organic solvents, harmful to human health.

Other properties are different

Water paint: it is an emerging paint, the film is soft and thin, the anti-scratch performance is worse than paint, the drying time is slow, but the film is flexible, the weather resistance is strong.

Paint: the product process is mature, the paint film is full and hard, anti-scratch performance is strong, the drying time is short.

The cost comparison

Water paint: water dilution in the later stage, no additional cost, and workers do not wear gas masks, no labor protection supplies cost, safety and environmental protection, no related sewage treatment costs, renovation construction is simple, the construction comprehensive cost is low, no need to transport and store according to dangerous goods, saving the relevant costs.

Paint: adding diluent in the later stage, wearing safety protection measures, and workers' health examination costs, etc., which are relatively high. For example, if the dilution ratio is about 30% and the diluent price is 8 yuan /kg, the additional cost will increase by 2.4 yuan /kg. In addition to the transportation and storage costs of dangerous goods, the comprehensive cost is relatively high.


· dangerous goods level

Water paint: water paint is not dangerous goods, there is no special storage requirements.

Paint: the breed of paint is much more, great part belongs to dangerous chemical, must be stored alone according to fire control requirement.


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Advantages of water paint
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