Introduction to fire protection coatings

Introduction to fire protection coatings

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Fire retardant coating is not a panacea, fire retardant coating is not suitable for anywhere. For different purposes, please select the correct fireproof coating function.


Fire retardant coating is used on flammable base material surface to reduce the flammability of coating material surface. , to prevent the rapid spread of flame and special fire retardant coating, to improve the fire resistance of the coating material.

Fire retardant coating is applied to the surface of substrate. In addition to the flame retardant effect, it also has rust resistance. Waterproofing, corrosion resistance, abrasion resistance, heat resistance and coating toughness, pigmentability, adhesion, dryness and certain gloss properties. Combustion is a rapid and violent oxidation reaction with flame. It's very complicated. It must be produced and burned under three conditions. A flammable substance, a combustion agent (such as oxygen or oxidant in air), and a source of fire (such as a high temperature or flame). To prevent combustion, any of the three elements of the combustion process, such as lowering the temperature to isolate air or fuel, must be cut off.

Fire protection mechanism fire retardant coating can be roughly summarized as the following five points:

(1) fire retardant coating itself with flame retardant or non-flammability, so the protected base material will not directly contact with air, delay the ignition of objects and reduce the combustion speed.

(2) fire retardant coating in addition to its inherent flame retardant or non-combustible, it also has low thermal conductivity, which can delay the transfer of flame temperature to the substrate to be protected.

(3) fire retardant coating through heating decomposition of non-combustible inert gas, dilute the heat decomposition of flammable gas protected objects, making it difficult to burn or slow down.

(4) nitrogen-containing flame retardant coating is decomposed by heating to form NO, NH3 and other groups, which combine with organic groups to interrupt the chain reaction and reduce the temperature.

(5) expansion of fire retardant coating thermal expansion foam formation of carbon foam insulation layer, to seal the protected object, delay the transfer of heat and the substrate, to prevent the object combustion or due to temperature rise and lead to a decrease in strength.

Classification of fire resistant coatings: single board fire resistant coatings; Wood fire fireproof coating; Fire retardant coating for steel structure.

Fireproof fireproof coating: whether heating ark is, ceiling, when laying real wood floor, please use woodiness keel. Besides the quality that notices lumber, to fire control need, consumer still should notice wooden keel should brush 1 to 2 fire retardant coating, should say all carpentry activity USES fireproof fireproof coating, so fireproof quality fireproof coating also is particularly important. When consumer is choosing, should choose fire prevention performance and environmental protection performance.

Waterproof and fireproof coating is made of synthetic polymer, polymer and asphalt, polymer and cement as the main film-forming material, adding various additives, modified materials, filler materials and other processing solvent types, water-emulsion type or powder type fireproof coating. Fireproof paint was applied to the roof of the building. The underside of basement, toilet, bathroom and outer wall that need waterproof can form a continuous, integral, fireproof coating waterproof layer below room temperature, have certain ply.

Waterproof and fireproof coating is a general term of a kind of material, which is coated with viscous liquid polymer synthetic material with non-fixed shape at room temperature and forms tough waterproof film on the base layer through evaporation solvent or evaporation coating. Water or reaction.


The basic characteristics of waterproof and fireproof coating are as follows:

1, waterproof and fireproof coating is at room temperature viscous liquid. After coating and curing, can form seamless waterproof coating.

2, waterproof and fireproof coating is particularly suitable for standing and, Yin and Yang Angle, through the structural pipeline, projection, waterproof structure in narrow places and other detailed structure, and can form a strong waterproof film on the surface of these complex parts.

3, waterproof and fireproof coating structure cold operation, easy to operate, low labor intensity.

4, after curing the formation of thin film waterproof layer light weight, most shaped roof such as thin shell are made of waterproof fireproof coating.

5, waterproof coating with good water resistance, weather resistance, acid and alkali resistance and excellent elongation, can adapt to the local deformation of the base.

6. The tensile strength of the waterproof coating can be enhanced by adding matrix reinforcing materials. For the base, structural joints, cracks, such as pipe roots, are easy to strengthen. , strengthen, maintain, etc.

7, waterproof coating generally rely on manual coating, its thickness is difficult to achieve uniformity - so in the construction, must repeat in accordance with the operation method, to ensure the minimum use of each unit of area, to ensure that the film has waterproof. Building floors.

8. J11 coating is waterproof and easier to maintain.


At present, waterproof and fireproof coatings are classified according to the types of fireproof coatings and the main components of the film forming materials of fireproof coatings.

According to liquid types of fire coatings, waterproof fire coatings can be divided into solvent - based, water emulsion, reaction.

1, this type of fire coatings based on solvent waterproof fire coatings. The polymer material, as the main film forming material, is dissolved in an organic solvent to form a solution. The polymer material is stored in a solution of molecular state (fireproof coating); This type of fireproof coating has the following characteristics: the film evaporates through the solvent, the film through the molecular chain, bonding; Rapid drying of fireproof coating, conjunctiva thin and dense. The production process is simple and the storage stability of fireproof coating is good. Inflammable, explosive toxicity, production, storage and use should pay attention to safety; Due to evaporation of solvent, construction environment pollution is serious.

2, waterborne waterproofing agent fireproofing coating this polymer material is the main film-forming material, as very small particles (rather than molecular state) stable suspension (insoluble) in water, into emulsion fire coatings.

This type of fireproof coating has the following characteristics: through the evaporation of water, the conjunctiva is formed by the process of solid particles approaching, and deformation; Fire coating drying is slow, the density of a film is lower than solvent-based fire coating, generally not suitable for the construction of 5°C or less; The term is generally not more than half a year; It can be applied to a slightly damp base; Non-toxic, non-combustible, safe in production, storage, transportation and use; Easy to operate and do not pollute the environment; Low production cost.

3, reactive waterproof and fireproof coating in this type of fireproof coating, as the main film forming material of the polymer material in the form of prepolymer liquid. It consists of two or two components of fire retardant coating, almost no solvent. This fire retardant coating has the following characteristics: liquid polymer prepolymer and the corresponding substances chemical reaction, into a solid substance (conjunctiva); Thick film coating can be formed in one, no shrinkage, film density; The score of fireproof coating requires accurate 1:1 material on site and even mixing to ensure quality; It's more expensive.

Waterproof and fireproof paint: the most common places are bathrooms and kitchens. Waterproof layer needs certain thickness, material dosage can be bigger, and a few contain tar polyurethane waterproof fireproof coating coke to have very big molecular weight and volatile. It's easy to store indoors. Accordingly, once use inferior waterproof fireproof coating, pollute indoor environment for a long time, waterproof effect is bad, cause leakage. Even the best decor doesn't help.

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