Introduction of fireproof coating for steel structure

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The chemical structure of fire retardant coating also decided the construction method of fire retardant coating, but what exactly is the material of fire retardant coating, fire retardant coating actually use the terminal consumers do not seem to be too is that is not to focus on this a little, today we have on the chemical composition of fire retardant coating, let everyone know more about steel structure fire-retardant coating from the essence. Fireproof coating is by base makings (namely film material), pigment, common coating auxiliaries, fireproof auxiliaries and dispersive medium coating components. In addition to fire additives, other coating components in the role of coatings and in the role of ordinary coatings, but in the performance and dosage of some have special requirements.

The construction method

1, the construction should be painted or sprayed, the spraying tool is self-weight spray gun, the air pump pressure 0.4-0.6mpa.

2, pay attention to the consistency of the construction coating.

3. Spray 2-3 times according to the requirements of fire resistance limit grade, and spray the second time after basic curing. Finally, it is recommended to smooth the surface coating.

Facing the construction

1. The bottom fire prevention coating can be basically dry before the surface layer construction, appropriate use of supporting surface coating, bottom moisture content ≤ 10%, if there are special needs to use water solvent-based surface coating, the bottom moisture content ≤8%. Opal steel structure fireproof coating

Surface coating can be applied by brush, roll or spray.

2 general surface coating, must be completely closed.

Storage and transport

1, thin steel structure fire retardant coating plastic bucket packaging.

2. The construction temperature should be above 5℃, and the relative humidity ≤ 90%;

3. The installation and transportation should be anti-freezing and anti-collision.

4. Storage and transportation temperature is 5℃, stored in dry and ventilated place away from sunlight, valid for half a year.

5. The transportation shall be protected from rain and sun exposure and shall comply with the relevant provisions of the transportation department

In addition to these mentioned above, in fact, different construction methods of building structure is also very different, we take tunnel fire retardant coating construction of steel structure as an example to illustrate the application of fire retardant coating construction in different fields and construction methods of different building structures.

Tunnel steel structure fire coating construction generally use layered interval construction technology, sub base (fire layer) and surface layer (color layer) construction. During the construction period and within 24h after the construction, the ambient temperature shall not be lower than 4 ℃, in order to prevent freezing damage. Under extremely dry and hot conditions, necessary curing conditions should be created to prevent the coating from losing water too quickly.

Construction preparation

(1) clean the floating dust and oil stains on the concrete surface of the tunnel and wet them with water;

(2) repair uneven places to ensure the smooth concrete surface of the tunnel; At the same time, on the concrete surface especially smooth place, requirements with mortar precausions;

(3) leakage must be filled and stopped.

Construction machinery

Mortar mixer, special spraying equipment, daub mortar special scraper, cleaning appliances, transport, etc.

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