Factory inspection and type inspection of fireproof coating for steel structure

Steel structure fireproof coating factory inspection items are divided into two categories: routine items and sampling items. Routine items shall include at least the conditions in the container, drying time, initial drying resistance and pH value, and shall be inspected in batches. Sampling inspection items shall include at least: dry density insulation efficiency deviation, water resistance, acid resistance, alkali resistance, and shall be inspected at least once per quarter or per production of 500t(expansion type), 1000t(non-expansion type) products (whichever comes first).

Type test of fire retardant coating for steel structure

There are ten types of test items: status in container; Drying time (surface dry); Initial drying resistance to cracking; Bonding strength; Compressive strength; Dry density; Insulation efficiency deviation; PH value; Water resistance; Heat and cold resistance. If there are any of the following situations, the product shall be subject to type test:

A) trial production and finalization evaluation of new products or old products when they are put into production;

B) after formal production, the formula, process and raw materials of the product are significantly changed;

C) when the product is suspended for more than one year and production resumes;

D) when there is a big difference between the factory inspection result and the last type inspection result;

E) after major quality accidents are corrected;

F) when the quality supervision agency makes a request according to law.

Fire retardant coating group of steel structure with sampling

The fireproof coating of steel structure that forms a batch should be the product that produces below same feed, same production technology, same production condition. The ex-factory inspection samples shall be randomly selected from the products of no less than 200 kg(expansion type) and 500 kg(non-expansion type) respectively, 40 kg(expansion type) and 100 kg(non-expansion type). Type test samples shall be randomly selected from products of no less than 1000 kg(expansion type), 3000kg(non-expansion type), 300kg(expansion type) and 500kg(non-expansion type).

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