Introduction of construction process of genuine stone paint

Due to its characteristics of high safety, rich colors and varieties, zhenshi lacquer is widely used for exterior wall decoration. The following construction process of zhenshi lacquer is provided by wuhan aubeki environmental protection technology.

First of all, to deal with the base, just built a new wall to water adequate conservation, drying can be true stone paint spraying. And before true stone paint spraying to check whether the wall is flat, clean, concave and convex or have stuck to other garbage base wall of true stone paint coating adhesion is poor, affect the quality of spraying.

Next, should approve blow make even be bored with child, this process has very big test to the experience of construction personnel and technique, the metope after the construction personnel with rich experience blows be bored with child is more level off commonly, wait for metope to be bored with child to undertake burnish with sandpaper after sufficient dry, to too coarse after its burnish gentle and fine.

And, exterior wall primer construction, generally used is the exterior wall anti-alkali primer or seal solid primer, can effectively make the wall and behind the true stone paint form a thin layer of isolation, prevent the wall wall putty layer caused by the mold ooze and affect the exterior wall decoration effect of true stone paint. At the same time, it can effectively improve the adhesion and hiding power of topcoat.

After, the best ink cartridge bullet line seam after the partition can be sprayed with true stone paint, finally in the spraying of a dust-proof coating varnish can be.

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