How to deal with the base surface in the construction of metal fluorocarbon paint for exterior wall

During the construction of exterior wall fluorocarbon paint, it is particularly important to treat the base surface clean and flat. The following problem of how to deal with the base surface is provided by wuhan aubeiqi environmental protection technology.

First, can use brush, steel wire brush and other cleaning tools, cleaning agent will brush the outer wall, the wall is particularly dirty position should be repeated brush brush, the wall on small dust, dirt, small grease brush clean until. And want to check metope carefully whether empty drum, loose, crack and other damage, if there is on the treatment with cement, mortar local repair, all the base surface without empty drum, crack, dust, oil can enter the next process.

Method of leveling the base surface of outer wall: add leveling putty after mixing water and curing agent according to a certain proportion, stir it with small hand electric drill, let it solidify fully for 4 hours, but the time should not be too long or it will not be used when solidified. Base surface to find usually can first point to fill again a batch. In the first patch, fill all the gaps and let them dry for 36 hours before entering the next process. In full batch, after the base surface is basically dry, use sanding paper to remove knife marks and rough surface.

Finally, the outer wall partition joint can be cut. First, locate a partition joint with a width of 2.0cm according to the drawing or requirements of party a, and pop up a positioning line with a length of 1.6cm with ink line. Finally, a small cutting machine is used to cut a 1.2cm dividing seam along the positioning line. The base material in the dividing seam is dug out with hammer, chisel and other tools, and then it is repaired and leveled again.

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