How many kinds of construction methods are there for floor paint?

Floor paint is widely used in underground parking lots, workshops, hospital walkways and other ground construction, the following wuhan aubeiqi environmental protection technology to introduce the floor paint construction methods have several?

At present, the construction methods of floor paint mainly include the following:

1. Brush painting and rolling painting

This kind of primitive and simple painting method is commonly used in small and medium-sized floor painting projects, and the operation is easier to achieve when painting some odd-shaped objects. Generally, when the floor paint is rolled, the floor paint is easily permeated into the small and fine holes on the floor surface by the careful coating of the construction personnel. Therefore, the floor paint of this coating method has strong adhesion. General brush painting floor paint, need to use a lot of brush tools, including, large and small brush, various types of sandpaper, a scraper. However, the market price of these tools is lower, so the cost is lower, but the painting efficiency will be greatly reduced.

2. The spraying method

Generally in the industrial coating application more, through the hand-held spraying tools will floor paint coating spray into small droplets and sent to the ground, not only high efficiency, but also spray out of the coating distribution. But in the spraying process will volatilize a large number of harmful solvents, the construction personnel's physical safety has certain hidden dangers.

3. Electrostatic spraying

The production efficiency of this spraying method has been greatly improved. The floor paint is sprayed to the ground by high-voltage electrostatic field, which can realize automatic continuous operation. But for some construction dead corners are easy to be ignored.

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