Notes for construction of true stone paint

True stone paint has many advantages, will be more and more used in the future, become a trend. However, the construction requirements of true stone paint are strict, so the following steps should be paid attention to in the construction:

1, true stone paint construction, scaffolding should not be too close to the wall, or easy to lead to the upper and lower layers of scaffolding between the spraying part of repeated construction, appear the mark, affect the appearance. Finally, the scaffold is about 30cm away from the wall.

2, do not spray parts and objects, use baffle or paper separation.

3, construction should pay attention to the weather conditions, true stone paint main coating spraying within 24 hours should avoid rain and snow weather, in addition, the wind should not be more than 4, the temperature should not be higher than 50C.

4, construction should be strictly prohibited fireworks, oil primer, finish are flammable and dangerous goods.

5. After the construction of the main coating, clean the construction tool with water immediately.

6. After the application of oil primer and finish paint, use xylene and other solvents to clean the tools.

7, in the process of construction, true stone paint requirements are very standard, do not dilute materials with water.

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