How to avoid the quality problem of genuine stone paint

True stone paint is 100 percent a good product, but why some external walls true stone paint project yellow, color difference, hair, water white, pollution and other quality problems?

Do high quality really stone paint project must do systematic consideration, choose high quality emulsion, product system to mature, reasonable design, construction to standard.

1. Low quality and short service life

As the film forming material of genuine stone paint, emulsion plays a decisive role in the properties of coating, which is directly related to the color retention, water resistance, stain resistance, flexibility, weather resistance, service life, etc.

The price on the market is low true stone lacquer, it is to use benzene third latex commonly, benzene third latex is waterproof, fight ultraviolet ray, flexibility is poor, 2-3 years can appear yellow change, crack, coating hair black wait for quality problem. If poor benzene - c emulsion, two or three months will appear quality problems.

If the development history of true stone paint have some understanding, benzene third true stone paint 10 years ago on the market, then called sandblasting is not called true stone paint, because of poor waterproof, easy cracking, less demand. In recent years, the market for true stone paint recognition and demand is growing rapidly, mainly due to pure c, silicon c system true stone paint on the market, the product imitation, construction, coating performance, service life, than the earliest benzoyl class true stone paint qualitative improvement and promotion. The name of true stone lacquer also spreads widely from this. Many customers because of the cheap choice of benzene acrylic true stone paint, the main reason is the lack of understanding of true stone paint. For example, touch screen phones are very popular now, but we still buy touch screen phones with the backward technology of 5 years ago.

2, the system is not mature quality hidden danger

The so-called system refers to the selection and ratio of various raw materials that make up the genuine stone lacquer. The mature system refers to the combination of all kinds of high-quality raw materials in a certain proportion, which can make the construction, flexibility, waterproof, weather resistance and service life of products reach the best. The immature system mainly refers to the unreasonable ratio of various raw materials, such as cellulose, various additives and so on, rather than the single emulsion quality and content. High emulsion quality does not mean mature system. The selection of high quality emulsion quality problems must be the system or formula caused by unreasonable.

True stone paint system is not mature, such as cellulose content control of poor water resistance, improper selection of additives or improper proportion, will lead to a short shelf life, film difficult, water mark, serious will also lead to coating cracking, falling off and other quality problems.

Mature and stable system is mainly acquired by enterprises through repeated field testing and long-term accumulation. 'Simply through the test report of the product, cannot accurately conclude the maturity of the system, we must do the wall experiment.

3, the design is not reasonable coating easy to pollution

No matter stone curtain wall, glass curtain wall, aluminum plastic board, if the design is not reasonable, the external wall will cause serious pollution phenomenon. The pollution of external walls is mainly caused by unreasonable design, such as the roof pressing design of parapet, the drip trough of roof and window sill, the drip line design and so on. This is shown below

Unreasonable design results in serious pollution

Scientific and reasonable design scheme can fundamentally ensure the aesthetics and anti-pollution of the coating, and improve the quality and grade of the building. Even the best and most expensive materials cannot prevent contamination if they are not designed properly.

Of course, reasonable design also includes color matching, grid design. True stone paint color or division of improper, often appear we often say 'do true stone paint, but look like paint' embarrassment. Like our custom suit, with the most high-grade fabrics, style is very outdated.

4, the construction is not specialized the finished product result is poor

Exterior wall painting is a systematic project composed of materials, design and construction. Professional construction technology and scientific organization and management are the key guarantee to obtain high-quality finished products.

The color difference and continuity caused by unprofessional line and pointing joint construction experience

The exterior wall coating system is composed of base layer, putty layer, bottom coating, middle coating and surface coating. To ensure the quality of finished products, each working procedure must be checked and accepted by strict standards. For example, the basic moisture content<10%, PH value (PH)<9. Water content is too high, will cause the coating empty drum, too alkaline coating will lead to alkali, flower; Putty should not be scraped too thick; Primer leakage will cause caustic soda; Main material spraying must ensure with metope with batch of material, with metope with technology, with metope with thickness, with metope at the same time paragraph, with metope with the same batch of people, to avoid the phenomenon of color difference and hair. Any unqualified process will cause quality problems.

In addition, the construction experience of each key node is very important, such as how to avoid the construction of scaffolding, how to achieve horizontal and vertical lines, Yin and Yang corner how to avoid joints, etc.

Genuine stone paint is a semi-finished product. Choosing genuine stone paint should not only consider the r&d and production capacity of the enterprise, but also consider the technical service capacity and construction experience of the enterprise. 'Three points of products, seven points of construction' is to illustrate the importance of professional construction.

To sum up, the degree of specialization of true stone paint is very strong, many matters needing attention, special attention should be paid to the quality of emulsion, the maturity of the system, reasonable design, professional construction and other factors. Four aspects, ignore any one of them, will eventually affect the quality of finished products.

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