How to control the color difference of true stone paint?

Really stone paint is made of natural color sand is made from a material with water-based acrylic emulsion coating material together, as a result, even the same manufacturer and under the same processing technology production, different batches of true stone lacquer is also difficult to keep the same color, the wuhan Mr Becky environmental protection technology co., LTD. To tell you how to control really stone paint appear off color?

First of all, from the raw materials to control the true stone paint color problem, due to the natural colored ore growth years of different length and different degree of sunlight exposure, even if the same area of natural colored ore after artificial equipment grinding processing of colored sand will also appear color differences, let alone different ore area of colored sand.

Secondly, from the color mixing technology to control the color difference of true stone, the manufacturer will specify the color requirements of the customer in the production process to color the existing natural colored sand, because the shape of the natural colored sand is irregular and the surface coating film is not flat these two characteristics decide that only manual color mixing and color modification. And the color mixing engineer and experience and technical level for the final color of colored sand is uniform good-looking decisive significance.

Then, from the production process to control the color difference of true stone, before the mass production, the manufacturer will provide the sample to the customer to see whether they are satisfied, not satisfied with the opinion in the production process to correct again. Generally in the production of true stone paint when adding natural colored sand to the first light and then deep, first more and then less, for the color of the deep natural colored sand can be added in small quantities, to the greatest extent to modify the desired color, the production process also need to constantly adjust the amount of additives, so that the finished true stone paint and true stone paint color match.

Finally, result in exterior wall construction after really stone paint colour deviation and a key reason is that the construction method and the thickness is different, in the construction process by spraying, coating construction technology for the two different final adornment effect also is not new, colour and lustre is uniform, the spraying process, and coating technology can lead to fine sand were dominant in really stone paint color.

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